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Tidal stats for artists

Users of the service simply need to register to have access to one of the biggest-ever collections of music in history, plus podcasts, and other audio content. It operates on a freemium model. Free Spotify access comes with lower sound quality, and advertisements, and requires an internet connection. Those who pay for Spotify Premium can listen uninterrupted to high-quality recordings, and are able to download songs to any device on which they have the Spotify app.

The two wanted to create a legal digital music platform to respond to growing challenge of online music piracy in the early s. It was an instant success, with a Facebook partnership helping it rise rapidly to prominence. It has drawn criticism from recording artists, who complain that it pays too little.

Unfair or not, with the days of physical music long behind us with the exception of vinyl junkiesSpotify dominates the way we consume music in the 21 st century. It does not have the run of the market, however. Then keep reading…. This is up from monthly active Spotify users and 96 million Spotify Premium subscribers in Q4 Taking a more long-term view, we can see that the percentage has been creeping up over time, despite recent stagnation.

Source: Spotify. Spotify anticipates that total monthly users will increase to million, and Spotify Premium users to million in the second quarter of By the end of the year, Spotify is hoping to report million MAU, and Premium subscribers.

The below chart shows Spotify user growth from launch untilmarking the introduction of new features such as the family payment plan, and Uber integration users can choose to play their own music when taking an Uber.

How to Publish Your Music On Tidal Streaming Service

We might note a sharp uptick in both users and subscribers around The introduction of new playlist features is notable here — Spotify-curated playlists are responsible for a huge proportion of listens on the platform.

More on this in the Spotify Usage Statistics below. Source: Goodwater Capital. Europe is the biggest market in both cases. We see a slightly higher preponderance of Spotify Premium subscribers in North America and Europe, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Tidal Discovery will allow independent artists to upload directly

Indeed, Spotify picked up two million users in India within two months of its February launch there. Spotify user growth by region. Both services reported around 20 million subscribers at the time. Spotify is a global enterprise, however, and, inlaunched across 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Looking at the global picture, Spotify remains comfortably in the lead. Since the below graphic was produced, both Apple Music and Spotify subscriber numbers have increased by some way, with Spotify topping million in Q1and Apple Music hitting 50 million. As of Aprilit is thought that Apple is growing at a slightly faster rate than Spotify 2. Source: Statista. Source: Midia. Looking at a survey of US streaming service users dating to latewe can see that Spotify is by far the most-popular channel with unders, with only US-specific Pandora coming close.

Notably, nearly twice as many unders used Spotify as used Apple Music in the three months prior to the survey — perhaps something to do with the free service. Further breaking down US Spotify users by age, we see, as with so many apps, that younger demographics dominate.

The age bracket edges out the in this case, perhaps reflecting the more universal nature of music across age groups. This sees a less pronounced skew towards youth than we see with some apps. Interesting, the third-biggest age bracket is the over 55s. Perhaps retirement or increased leisure time is giving them more time to reacquaint themselves with the vast catalogue of music available on Spotify — if not discover something new.Tidal is under fire once again for allegedly inflating its streaming numbers.

More plays meant that the two artists garnered higher royalty payments. The publication received a hard drive brimming with Tidal play data including play times, song titles, user IDs and country codes. DN handed the hard drive over to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for a data analysis, and the school's findings were particularly damning. In the published paper's PDF executive summary, the school asserts that "there had in fact been a manipulation of the data at a particular times due to the large presence of similar duplicate records occurring for a large percentage of the userbase that was active at any given time.

DN contacted three subscribers that the data said had played the albums. One supposedly played The Life of Pablo 96 times in a single day, with 54 plays in the middle of the night. The subscriber said that would've been "physically impossible. She said that was also incorrect.

tidal stats for artists

Some quick math reveals that would add up to nearly 8, minutes, when there are only 1, minutes in 24 hours. The Norwegian university concluded that given the nature of the manipulation, it wasn't an outside attack or a bug in the code, rather it was internal meddling.

One of the accusations leveled at the streaming service is that it accessed subscriber account to play tracks off of The Life of Pablo over million times, at exactly the same times: 2am and 5am. A similar tactic was apparently used with Lemonadewith plays restarting at the same second and millisecond.

All told, some 1. When Jay-Z bought the serviceits main goal was to provide better payouts for artists. If DN 's accusations hold water, it would mean that Tidal is willing to uphold that promise by any means necessary -- for certain musicians. Last yearDN claimed that Tidal was inflating subscriber numbers as a whole. For its part, Tidal denies any wrongdoing. When contacted for comment, a Tidal spokesperson said DN 's article was a "smear campaign," elaborating that, "We expect nothing less from them than this ridiculous story, lies and falsehoods.

The information was stolen and manipulated and we will fight these claims vigorously.

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Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Beats president Luke Wood is stepping down. Lime is buying Boosted's assets and IP. Instacart is expanding Costco pharmacy deliveries nationwide. Latest in Gear. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.

Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Riot responds to concerns about 'Valorant's' new anti-cheat driver. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.This feature is slowly rolling out, but they expect all artists to eventually have dashboard access. Distros and aggregators still exist for that reason alone….

Sounds like a legal headache. Making sure they are actually the copyright holder is no easy task. Apple could have done this 10 years ago, and they already do it in areas like apps of course. But your point about maintenance is critical.

Apple reviews all the app submissions; music is an entirely different beast. It is important to understand why we are having this discussion. The sound recording and music publishing business is based on two things: 1. Copyright Law and 2. Contractual agreements and licenses. As all artists should know by now, copyright originates with the creator recording artist, song writer.

It gets further complicated as these rights continue to be granted to other third parties. This in legal terms is call the chain of title. The music industry has always considered costs attorneys, business affairs, data base information, etc. While distribution technology has progressed, the technology that could be developed to provide the necessary rights and clearances has not kept the same pace.

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In fact, from my perspective, it will always be a necessary cost for anyone doing business in the music industry space. ALL digital distributors do not want to take on this large overhead cost and the risks involved if it is not done correctly. This last sentence is one of the key reasons for the tech distributors problems in dealing directly with content creators. Simply put, the questions that must be truthfully answered but more importantly, proved to a third party tech distributor are 1.

tidal stats for artists

Have you granted to other third parties the rights you claim to grant the tech distributor? And the big problem is, how does the tech distributor know if your telling the truth? Did it ever occur to the EK man that his particular model does not work?

Probably not because not only does he think he is a genius but so do the idiots that run Venture Capital funds on the West Coast. And I thought that Washington DC was in a bubble. The more and more this so-called business model plays out it becomes so apparent that the EK man and his money people are probably playing with those little liquid blow-bubble bottles we buy for our kids.

TIDAL accused of juicing streaming numbers for more royalties to Beyoncé and Kanye West

Tech Distributors, you are playing in OUR sandbox, not the other way around. WE, artists, writers, producers, record labels, music publishers, content creators, etc. Make the Rules. And while I am not a complete fan of iTunes, one thing they do properly, is legally patrol their data for objections and similar problems. When someone pays Tunecore or whoever to distribute, all you do is click a box saying you own the copyright.

They just trust you. I hope…? This is indeed extremely risky. If they fail in responding or supplying such proof, the content remains blocked and never gets delivered to iTunes, etc.Earlier this year, DMN starting asking artists and labels to share their streaming royalty statements, which unearthed a pile of incredible per-stream statistics. The result is more money for your artists, right now. This is driven by a lot of factors, including huge numbers of free, ad-supported plays, and lots of money siphoned off by major label special deals.

According to leaked contracts and other information shared with DMN, that includes preferential, lower-cost ad units for major labels, as well as upfront cash advances. Attorneys have told us that the emphasis by big labels in more recent years has been on granting ownership shares to major labels, but that places even more pressure to prioritize big-budget acts like Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber.

The end result is that upstream cash is taken off the table before smaller labels and artists can claim itdriving per-stream revenues into the gutter. Meanwhile, major label artists often have a difficult time getting paid on Spotify streams, making this entire platform very difficult to monetize except for a core group of insiders, which includes major labels and superstar artists.

Now, Spotify is one of the largest streaming music platforms on the planet, and that can translate into exposure. And get into enough plum playlists, and that can create a big story for the right artist.

It can also translate into some cash, and there are definitely examples of this Nashville-based artist Perrin Lamb is one.

Basically, there are two forms of monetization on YouTube: direct music video matches and those picked up by ContentID. But it does mean to give up any hope of making real money off this platform. Which means you have to try some other paths to earn money. Back to the indie rap label mentioned earlier. As part of a big experiment, the head of this label decided to put his music on as many different platforms in as many different countries as possible.

These are average payouts across a substantial artist catalog. As you can see, both of these platforms delivery wildly better payouts per stream. But even at its worst, Tidal and Groove are delivering 2 cents per stream see Germanybut sometimes hitting as much as a full-blown cents per one stream see Sweden and Ireland. Note that some of these payouts appear to be exactly the same, but they actually differ once the number of digits expand beyond three decimal places.

And, it should be mentioned that none of the artists on this label have hit it big yet or have any huge hits. But they are making music that enough people want to enjoy. These are probably shorter-term anomalies while these platforms get out of their early stages with modest userbases, but they can be exploited to great gain right now as in, do it now.

That means every stream is counted against a paid pool from a smaller group of users, without the masses of free, ad-supported listeners. Sure, Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers, but the problem is with the 70 million free users.

And, have you tried Google Play? Again, this blows away anything from Spotify, YouTube, or other large, free-access platforms like Deezer. At last count, Apple had 13 million paid subscribers, which is nearly half the number on Spotify.

How to Claim and Update Your Artist Profile on All Major Music Platforms

Lightning does strike, and you could get factored into a popular playlist and enjoy the elevated payouts. So why not? It may be times easier to get on the front door of Groove, and about 10, times more profitable.

After bull-charging the little guys, monitor like crazy to see where your biggest gains are coming from. You will be pleasantly surprised. But how much more will you make?Now that streaming music app Tidal has come to Windows and Mac, it's time to explain the features behind the service that Jay Z bought to knock Spotify off of its throne. While streaming is the current dominant means of music distribution, there are many questions that will decide Tidal's fate.

Is the service's lossless audio and exclusive content enough to woo Spotify users away? Has Taylor Swift played kingmaker with her digital library? Most importantly: is there enough room for more than one streaming service to succeed?

tidal stats for artists

Tidal is a music subscription service, which was offers CD-quality tunes and music video content. Tidal was launched as a service for the most discerning music lovers. Both programs offer bitrates of 96 and kbps, but, while Spotify maxes out at kbps, Tidal offers a lossless kbps option to please hardcore audiophiles. None of these are currently available by any other means of legal digital distribution.

Also, Tidal boasts the music of Taylor Swift the most high-profile Spotify ex-pat. It turns out albums gotta sell, sell, sell, and not be streamed. While Spotify offers premade playlists based on genre or mood, and radio stations that it builds based around an artist you like, Tidal offers both mood-oriented playlists and playlists that are crafted with more of an editorial voice. Rising is for artists that the editors of Tidal approve of, even though the artists do not have large fanbases yet.

Vincent and The Shins. Tidal also offers artist-curated playlists, which may be similar to Apple's rumored upcoming iTunes Radio Celebrity DJ feature. Tidal is available for streaming in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, though lossless streaming is only available on Chrome. It is also available as a downloadable app on iOS 7 and up, and Android 4. While Tidal HiFi costs twice as much as Spotify, Tidal sells that price on the lossless audio and its intent to compensate artists at a better rate than its competition.

Much like Spotify, listeners can choose to either stream songs or save them for listening offline. The sound was better than that of Spotify at its highest sound quality kbpsbut not great enough to justify twice the cost. There are odd gaps in Tidal, as there are in most services. Henry T. Follow him on Twitter henrytcasey. Tom's Guide. Time will decide the latter, but, for now, here's everything you need to know about Tidal.

What is Tidal?Some of which, Tidal vehemently denies.

Tidal reportedly inflated streaming stats for Beyoncé and Kanye West

Problems began from the start with the company. The dollars that used to be made from CDs and even digital downloads shrunk down to fractions of pennies per individual song streams. Swift took it the next level by pulling her catalog from the servicesuggesting that artists with enough clout could enter this new age on their own terms. Jay-Z pitched Tidal to musicians as well as fans an opportunity to embrace this new future without feelings like they were turning backs on their favorite artists.

In AprilJay-Z tweeted that Tidal would offer 75 percent royalties for artists, producers, and songwriters. Despite the c-suite turnover, Jay-Z announced via tweet in September that one million people were using the service without clarifying if this was paying subscribers, trial accounts mixed with subscribers, or what. The numbers put Tidal significantly behind Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify, but there appeared to still be growth for the young streaming service.

The New York Times reported that Lemonade alone added 1. Jay-Z and his crew of pop gods created at least on paper a small, but growing, music streaming service. Tidal said in a statement :. It became clear after taking control of Tidal and conducting our own audit that the total number of subscribers was actually well below thereported to us by the prior owners.

As a result, we have now served legal notice to parties involved in the sale. According to documents obtained by Dagens NaeringslivTidal in late after Jay-Z purchased, they saw a significant increase in its Denmark and Norway subscriber numbers, growing in the two countries bysubscribers.

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However, Dagens Naeringsliv reported that these numbers were artificially inflated according to Arthur Sund, the former head of business intelligence at Tidal, whose team noticed the sleight of hand the following day. Royalties for all major music streaming companies are calculated using a pro rata modelso the money from subscriptions or potentially ad revenue is put in a massive pot and divided by the percent of streams that an artist accumulates.

The paper said it obtained a hard drive containing inflated streaming numbers and compared it with the number of streams on the royalty sheets of Universal Music Group. In earlythe New York-based band the American Dollar filed a class-action lawsuit against Tidal for unpaid royalties, but Tidal responded by saying the company did pay the royalties to the band.

Back in SeptemberDagens Naeringsliv also reported that Tidal had racked up default notices for lack of payment, including to the Oslo World Music Festival, numerous record labels, and advertising firms. The move was a bit surprising. Sprint is buying a third of Tidal, which makes less sense.

The Swedish bank SEB also claimed that Jay-Z owed it hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices in association with the purchase of Tidal, which it reaffirmed to Gizmodo when asked for comment. Lawsuits and investigations were only starting to pile up for Tidal last month.While Tidal didn't have too much to say about independent artists during its relaunch a couple weeks ago, the company is lending a hand now.

In an interview with SmashdTidal's Chief Information Officer Vania Schlogel discussed the upcoming Discovery feature for the service -- the ability for indie acts to upload music directly. Why is this a big deal?

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Well, for the likes of Spotify, those musicians have to go through a third-party service like CD Baby or TuneCore to get their music in the apps. Since record labels typically handle licensing deals with subscription services, if you're unsigned, you have to find another middleman. What's more, all artists will have access to Tidal's dashboard, where they can see exactly who's listening to their music and get contact info for each person.

That's how Jay Z and Jack White were able to offer those thank-you calls last week. The Discovery feature is rolling out slowly, being made available for more folks over time. Exactly how will this impact those indie artists?

Wiley says that having to go through a service like CD Baby isn't so much of an issue as the tools Spotify offers signed artists. Another feature that's aimed at helping independent artists is Tidal Rising.

That collection of unknown acts highlights new music on the regular, serving as a discovery tool for subscribers and another channel for the smaller acts to get some promotion. Tidal Rising is already live on both mobile and desktop apps.

tidal stats for artists

Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Tidal Discovery will allow independent artists to upload directly. Latest in Artists. Image credit:.

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Riot responds to concerns about 'Valorant's' new anti-cheat driver. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.

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